Deluxe Gift Set (Ships free!)

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Flakes 6oz.jpg

Deluxe Gift Set (Ships free!)

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The Rockerbox Deluxe Gift Set is a collection of spices that will enrich the kitchen of anyone who loves to cook. You choose any 12 spices, and we ship them to you in a box that's ready to wrap. The perfect gift for weddings & graduations, or for the serious cook in need of quality spices!

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Please choose from the following spices:

Original Garlic Dust

Garlic Flakes

Roasted Garlic Dust

Shallot Flakes

Green Onion Dust

Yellow Onion Dust

Everything Bagel Blend

Sweet Corn Rub


Italiano Mix

Fiesta Mix

Garlic Pepper

Herbes de Provence

Garam Masala

Chinese Five Spice

Ranch Mix

Mulling Spice

Chai Spice

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